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I'm Irene, an Italian illustrator, cartoonist and visual designer.
I was born on 24th April 1993 -my friends say that I really am a Taurus, practical and reliable (they sometimes say I'm stubborn too, but sssh!).

After studying Comics and Illustration in Bologna and Bande Dessinée in Brussels, I've joined a Communication Design course at ISIA, in Florence. I'm co-founder of Blanca, collective of comics and illustration.

Since 2015 I've been practicing graphic facilitation, which has radically changed my approach to work: now I'm a better listener and I can organize information and ideas in a more effective way.
GF is now a fundamental tool for me in my communication projects, especially presentations!

I've worked at events, advertising and editorial projects, for various clients. I'm always thrilled to face challenges and trying something new.
When I'm not at the desk, I'm probably polishing my collection of garden gnomes, or eating pizza.  

I'd be happy to hear from you, so feel free to contact me

photo: courtesy of Torino Graphic Days



Tell it with a picture! 
Illustrations are a great way to enrich every type of content, from narrative to advertising. 
You can explain a product or a service, tell a story, and make it memorable.  



Visual design is crucial nowadays!
Posters, books, flyers, infographics...
I can also help you to build a strategy, and communicate your business on various media.



Scribing is a sort of simultaneous translation (in form of a written and illustrated map) of the key concepts emerged during a conference or collaborative event.
No more boring slides! 

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